Bonding Service

MPLS Alternative -Telco Agnostic Secure WAN

If you rely on MPLS transport for your branch office connectivity and when you reach your current MPLS capacity, increasing MPLS capacity to the next tier can be very costly. With Simnet, adding cost effective Internet bandwidth to your MPLS is an excellent way to add capacity to your network with additional redundancy. In most cases, because of our dynamic QoS (Quality of Service) and smart overlay tunnels, replacing the MPLS with broadband based tunnels provides better value without sacrificing performance. Simnet provides a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and reduces operating expenses. The total subscription costs of multiple Internet access lines are often substantially less than a single high-speed MPLS of equivalent bandwidth, which makes our service an ideal load balancing router for SMBs and enterprise branch offices.

Multi-WAN & Broadband Bonding

Simnet offers a Broadband Bonding appliance that combines and intelligently manages up to 12 Internet transports (such as MPLS, T1, DSL, Cable, fiber, satellite or 3G, 4G, LTE) from any of your service providers. Simnet offers a proactive router that can monitor, detect and adapt against the fluctuations in your ISP performance as well as your changing traffic profile. This means Simnet will solve the network problems automatically and will avoid interruptions to your Internet services and applications.

Add bandwidth and automate QoS

Simnet provides the ultimate way to add additional bandwidth to your network, when you need it. Simply plug in additional broadband lines to increase your network capacity in a cost effective manner. Relying on a single service provider will limit network SLA to that single service provider. You can get the best of both worlds by aggregating service providers to build your own, best-in-class bandwidth, leveraging cable modems bandwidth, DSL’s dedicated last-mile transport and low latency of MPLS all packaged together. Pick and choose the service providers to build your own blend for the best value.

Application performance done right

With Simnet in your network, real-time applications such as VoIP (Voice over IP), UC (Unified Communications), VC (Video Conferencing), webcasting, chatty applications or any other business critical application that heavily relies on high quality IP connectivity will be protected and shielded from network problems. Simnet’s intelligent and dynamic application flow steering and dynamic QoS results in end-users not getting affected from the network problems. This means no more network emergency support tickets.

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