SIMNET's Cloud Communications Platform

SIMNET's cloud communications platform is a  robust enterprise PBX, video, presence, instant messaging, with call center features, conferencing, faxing, and mobility.

Always Connected

Upgrade the way your business communicates with a single phone system that is capable of voice, conferences, video calls, virtual assistant, and much more.

Important Cost Savings

Save big on your telephony bill with our intelligent call routing. No matter where you are, calls can be routed in order to minimize if no eliminate any call cost.

Turn Personal Devices into Business Phones

With our BYOD support and a simple app, you can turn any mobile device into business phones. Enjoy the freedom of open standards.

Higher Productivity

VoIP frees you from your desk phone, enabling you to take calls at any time and anywhere. You can set your own rules of where to be reached and when.

Better Sales and Customer Service

VoIP can act as a smart contact center. You can track the number of calls, call duration, how agents performed and much more. The result: more satisfied customers.

Control and Metrics

Be in control of all your business communication. You have access to advanced reporting and metrics, which enable you to make better business decisions.

VoIP 911 Registration

Access emergency services via VoIP. We are available 24/7/365 for all your emergencies!

Important VoIP 911 Information

All the resources you need to get started with VoIP.

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