Hosted Private Cloud to Drive
Security, Value, and Agile Business Operations

Change the Way Your Business Works by Transitioning to a Hosted Private Cloud

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to capitalize on opportunities to gain an edge. All areas of the business must be enhanced to support business goals. Your IT infrastructure is an often-overlooked area. When optimized, your IT solutions can be implemented to provide cost-reduction, improved security, and better collaboration across the business.

Cloud servers are revolutionizing the ways businesses operate and people work. They provide on-demand scalability while minimizing system crashes, sluggishness, and other network problems. Additionally, employees can access information, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere on any internet-connected device. This significantly improves workflow agility, productivity, and customer service — not to mention your bottom line.

Implementing a Hosted Private Cloud provides significant benefits, allowing your business to fully leverage the cloud. Although the Public Cloud achieves a self-serve approach to cloud IT, a Hosted Private Cloud is a fully managed white-glove experience.

A Hosted Private Cloud means there is no need for your organization to take on the cost of a cloud architect and/or cloud migration specialist.

With Simnet’s Hosted Private Cloud IT Solution, the fundamental difference is Simnet’s team takes complete ownership of the entire cloud implementation, design, and migration. Simnet also manages all your cloud services so you can focus on what your organization does best. Simnet provides you with expertise, continuity, and support, allowing you to leverage the cloud with an easy and seamless migration and providing you with peace of mind.

Leverage the cloud with an experienced team to take ownership and lead a seamless migration to the cloud.

Our Hosted Cloud Service delivers:

  • Reliability – always available IT infrastructure and data with zero downtime
  • Scalability – easily expand or reduce your computing resources to meet demand
  • Security – single- or multi-tenancy architecture secured by Fortinet, featuring firewalls, cloud storage, and 24/7 monitoring to protect your data
  • Affordability – eliminate expensive hardware and maintenance costs, while only paying for what you use, with no surprises

Your business needs a single point of IT accountability to ensure your IT services are optimized. Simnet provided end-to-end IT solutions to lead the transition of your business. Simnet has the experience to lead an easy and seamless migration from traditional computing models to cloud-based platforms.

Simnet is Canadian-based with 3 facilities across Canada and our multiple tiers of support are in-house and always available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your organization’s critical cloud infrastructure.

Our Hosted Private Cloud servers can be customized to your current resources and infrastructure or deliver a new, separate infrastructure, while providing powerful capabilities. Our VMware® vCloud Director self-service web portal allows users to create, work with, and configure apps and virtual machines. Simnet will manage and optimize your networks, systems, and software, keeping you agile, secure, and compliant.


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